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Pointe Service Association

The Golf Club at Eagle Pointe is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana above Lake Monroe, Indiana’s largest lake. Surrounding the golf course are a series of gated villages. These villages, each with its own governing structure, range from single family homes nestled deep in the woods, to multi-family condominiums perched high on the slopes of Lake Monroe. To protect and serve these villages, the Pointe Service Association, Inc. (PSA) was created in 1974. PSA owns and maintains the roads connecting the villages, the gate houses and security systems protecting the villages, and contracts for a captive cable television system serving the villages.

PSA maintains and improves the facilities owned and services provided by the corporation under the guidance of an elected Board of Directors.

There is sometimes confusion on the part of new homeowners as to the role of the PSA as compared to the role of their individual village HOA. When considering questions regarding your community and your individual village, please remember:

The PSA is responsible for these key services:

  • Maintains the roads connecting the villages (not responsible for any village roads).
  • The security systems and staffing of the gate houses protecting the villages.

Each village has a representative, elected by the homeowners, who attends regular PSA Board meetings. Per PSA by-laws, your representative must also serve on your HOA Board. Your representative is empowered to vote on all PSA Board issues on behalf of your village.

Should you have any questions regarding PSA projects, votes or updates you are encouraged to contact the PSA representative from your village. To confirm your PSA representative from your village you can view all Board Members on our “Board of Directors” page.

Your individual HOA is responsible for all issues related to your home, village common areas, roads (including plowing roads during snow events), handbook violations and management of vendors servicing your village. When seeking any services related to your home or village, your first point of contact is your village website or leadership team.

The PSA also owns and manages the golf course.

Your PSA representative for Waters Edge II is Dan Dodge.

Contact details: